Our Story

An image of a brown cowboy hat sitting on a leather couch. Next to the image, a dark blue box says, “The 12oz Hattery launched in 2022 as an innovative, first-of-its-kind establishment, with hopes of one day trailblazing a path for miniaturized western style across the country and world.” Below that, blue text says: “When you purchase a hat from us, you know you’re receiving quality that’s tried and true. We still make our hats the same way we did when the 12oz Hattery first opened its doors earlier this week.” Below that, a blue box sits to the left of an image of a cowboy hat hanging on a rack. The blue box has the text: “Ever since then, we’ve been proudly serving your undersized western hat needs, and will continue to do so for approximately another few days or until we sell out of stock.” Below this box and image, there is another text box that says, “We thank you for your interest in our 12oz hats, and look forward to supplanting the 10-gallon hat as the most sought after style of western-themed headwear. - RR & Tecovas” Below this, there is an image of a tiny hat sitting in a shop window atop a rough piece of wood.