How can I get a 12oz hat?

On July 23rd for National Cowboy Day, we opened the very-first 12oz Hattery shop inside Tecovas on South Congress Ave in Austin, Texas. You can also purchase a 12oz hat from 12ozHattery.com while supplies last.

How should a 12oz hat fit?

Just like 10-gallon hats, 12oz hats are made to wear atop your head. While their smaller size may feel a bit different at first, your 12oz hat should develop a more personalized fit with age.

When should I wear my 12oz hat?

12oz hats are best worn while sitting still and enjoying any Ranch Rider beverage. We recommend avoiding fans, mild winds, and unflat terrain.

What do I do if my 12oz hat keeps falling off?

12oz hats aren’t the most practical for active situations. But if your 12oz hat falls off, simply put it back on.

Are 12oz hats good gifts?

12oz hats are great gifts for anyone who loves delicious Ranch Rider beverages and/or miniature-themed satire.

Do I have to be a cowboy to wear a 12oz hat?

Nope. Anyone can pull off a 12oz hat with the right conviction. Including humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, babies, and especially ice-cold cans of Ranch Rider.